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Do Work in Savanna

Our Mission is to be the Principal Representative of Area Businesses to Ensure a Favorable Business Climate and to Promote the Economic Development of the Savanna Area.

Job Openings at Chamber Businesses

The Chamber of Commerce works in cooperation with regional economic development resources to help strengthen and expand business and employment in and around Carroll County.

Formed in 2005 by the members of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy group, the The Tri-County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA) strives to create and sustain an environment conducive to business expansion and growth. The primary goals of this coalition are to retain and expand existing businesses within the county, attract new enterprises, improve the business climate, increase public awareness of the benefits of doing business in the county, and finally, to examine and strengthen the financial resources and delivery systems available to businesses.

We also have many incentives and rebates available to businesses thru various city, county, and state incentive programs. Listed below are a sample of many of those that are available.

Whiteside Enterprise Zone local Incentives: Sales tax deduction on building materials. Building materials used in projects in the Enterprise Zone are exempt from sales tax with a certificate from the Enterprise Zone Administrator of the zone where he building materials will be incorporated as stated in Public Act 92-0779. Certification must be issued by zone administrator prior to the start of construction to qualify for any local incentives.

Property Tax Abatement on New Improvements: Improvements in the Whiteside County Enterprise Zone are eligible for real estate tax abatements as long as the property is not located in a TIF District. The percentage of abatement is determined by project location, not all taxing bodies in the zone abate – the administrator will provide a tax abatement estimate upon request.

State Enterprises Zone Incentives: The Illinois Income Tax Act allows a .5% credit against state income tax for investments in qualified property placed in service in the Enterprise Zone. Job Tax Credit – employers in the Whiteside County Enterprise Zone are eligible for a tax credit on Illinois income taxes for hiring five certified economically disadvantaged or dislocated workers within the same year. Dividend Deduction: Taxpayers may deduct from their taxable income an amount equal to dividends paid to them by a corporation which conducts substantially all of its operation in an enterprise zone. Utility Tax Exemption/Machinery and Equipment Deduction: Businesses which make an investment in an enterprise Zone which creates a minimum of 200 full-time equivalents jobs or retains 1,000 jobs is eligible for tax exemption on utilities. More information contact the Whiteside Enterprise Zone at or (815) 772-5182

City of Savanna Incentives can be found at

Additionally the economic development committee of the chamber has programs in place to acknowledge and encourage the local business's to strive to be their best. Past programs have included a Business of the Month program as well as an Employee Recognition program.

For more information on any of these programs, contact the Chamber’s Economic Development office at 815-273-2722 or by e-mail at