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Are you a United States Penitentiary employee looking to relocate to the Savanna area for a job at the AUSP Thomson, IL location? If so please check out our website and the City of Savanna’s website for helpful information.

Downtown Savanna has a wide variety of beautiful commercial properties currently available for sale or rent. Those considering opening a business or thinking about taking their business to the next level please visit for a list of available buildings. Questions? Contact the Savanna Chamber of Commerce at or call 815-273-2722.

On behalf of the Savanna Chamber of Commerce, we would like to welcome you to Savanna and the surrounding area. We are a friendly, welcoming community and are glad you've come to our site to check us out. We have been known as the Outdoor Paradise. Our community offers many outdoor activities as well as many cultural events and varied shopping opportunities. We have many active civic, community clubs and organizations as well as many youth organizations. We've included some up the information that you might be looking for here on our relocation page. You can find more information throughout our website, including our local business directory, and at our city site If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me at the info provided below.

Savanna Chamber
319 Main Street, Savanna, IL 61074